Spotify turns to the crowd for artist and album pages ideas


When Spotify product exec Chris Stoneman asked Twitter for some ideas on how to improve its artist and album pages, it’s fair to say he got plenty of responses. Not all of which were demands to pay musicians more money (although yes, those too).

The thread is a handy primer (including for rival streaming services) on some of the potential advances that could be made in the way DSPs present music and artists to their users.

Letting artists choose the top five/10 tracks shown on their profiles; easier searching by label; listing all artists involved in a collaboration; clearer separation of studio albums from live, compilations and EPs; and moving merch and concerts info higher up the artist pages were some of the prominent suggestions.

Moving artist biographies up from the bottom of their profiles; links to interviews; proper sleevenotes and more detailed credits; more prominence for Spotify’s tipping feature; and better tools to stop music appearing on an artist’s profile that they haven’t uploaded, and isn’t by them, were other ideas.

The full thread is well worth a browse:

Written by: Stuart Dredge