web3 music: ‘The breakout moment isn’t Snoop Dogg dropping a collection’


It makes headlines when famous artists release a collection of NFTs, but the real innovation may come from independent musicians.

That’s the view of journalist Ben Brown, writing in his Ziggy Ziggy Music newsletter this week with a piece that we think is worth your reading time.

His view is that independent artists who own their rights are more free to experiment, and that there are strong parallels between the DIY artist and web3 communities.

“The biggest and most successful breakout moments for crypto-art came from deep within the ecosystem. XCOPY is the leading example — a native Web3 artist with little or no presence in the traditional art world,” wrote Brown.

“The same thing will happen with music nfts. The breakout moment isn’t Snoop Dogg dropping a collection. It’s Reo Cragun, Violetta Zironi or Daniel Allan gaining enough cultural relevance that it tips the scales. True success will be capturing and supporting Web3 native talent, not waiting for Calvin Harris to drop another NFT.”

He also predicted a ‘breakout moment’ based either on a web3 artist having a big mainstream hit, or collectors enjoying a windfall from backing an artist early. “Both of these moments feel inevitable…”

Written by: Stuart Dredge