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It seems that Meta really will be completing its long-planned acquisition of virtual reality music-fitness startup Within.

We reported last week on a court decision that went against US regulator the Federal Trade Commission, which had been fighting the planned acquisition on competition grounds.

The FTC was given a week to decide whether it wanted to appeal the decision and continue battling to block the deal. According to The Verge, an agency official told journalists yesterday that it will not appeal.

Meta thus has the green light to acquire Within, which is the startup co-founded by VR innovator Chris Milk that launched its Supernatural VR fitness service in 2020 – complete with a catalogue of music licensed from rightsholders.

Supernatural will thus now join music-rhythm game Beat Saber in Meta’s in-house portfolio, although once the deal finally completes, we may find out exactly what Meta has planned for its new subsidiary: for example keeping its service running, or using its team and tech to build something new.

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