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We’ve been thinking about how conversational AI models might fit into the music industry and streaming ecosystem recently. A new service called DeepCuts pinged our radar strongly this morning on that front.

Created by startup Seek AI, it’s pitched as an app “that lets you dive deep into your Spotify data by asking questions to our AI”. Sample questions including ‘What are my top 10 genres?’ and ‘Who do I listen to that is “float house”?’

(Yes, float house was new to us too, but it seems that we’re late because the genre already has a prominent Spotify playlist and a Bandcamp category. But we digress.)

Seek AI describes itself as “a platform for data teams that gives them the power to let anyone in their organisations ask questions in natural language and get the data they need, fast”.

Applying its technology to Spotify may simply be a fun viral calling card for the company, but DeepCuts does hint at a potential for partnerships with streaming services in the future. If, indeed, they’re not already building their own conversational AIs to do this sort of thing.

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