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Rihanna isn’t selling NFTs this week: she’s got a Super Bowl half-time show to concentrate on!

But a portion of the streaming royalties from her hit ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ are being sold as an NFT by startup Anotherblock. Not her royalties, but those of producer Deputy. $210 gets fans in on the action.

Meanwhile, the latest internal knock-down drag-out fight (sorry: healthy competition) within UMG may be between a pair of virtual bands.

We’ve written about web3 imprint 10.22PM’s Gorillaz-style NFT-avatars band Kingship, but now it’s getting a rival group from another label in the UMG family: Def Jam.

The Whales are, yes, cartoon whales sourced from a popular NFTs brand called Catalina Whale Mixer created by startup Wagmi Beach. The group will drop music and NFTs later this year, with an album that Decrypt said has the working title of ‘A Compilation of Vibes’.

Insert your own reaction emoji here.

What else today? Guzzu is an interesting project coming out of Spain, which wants to work with artists on creative digital merch projects.

Here’s a fun twist: it has been conducting market research in eight countries to find out what music fans think of its plans: and that market research is being released… as a free NFT! Very meta.

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