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One of the most interesting and inventive music apps for VR headsets is Tribe XR, which teaches people to DJ on a set of virtual decks. Now the startup has found a creative new application for that technology: in healthcare.

It’s working with an organisation called Amp Ur Room to make its DJ lessons available in hospitals in the US, with the intention of plugging gaps left by ongoing Covid-19-related visiting restrictions for patients.

Amp Ur Room is a veteran of providing entertainment in hospitals, from star-artist visits to DJs and parties. Teaching children to DJ themselves with the help of Tribe XR’s app and its tutors, is an interesting step on from that.

There is currently a great deal of interest within the music industry in ‘music health’ startups and apps, where the music itself is the treatment. However, Tribe XR’s new partnership is a reminder that even services that aren’t designed specifically for health can find uses in that setting.

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