YouTube opens its Creator Music licensed-music library in the US


There’s money to be made in helping influencers use licensed music in their videos. TikTok certainly thinks so, as do startups including Lickd, Uppbeat and Slip·stream. Now YouTube has officially launched its latest feature in this ballpark.

‘Creator Music’ was announced last September as a planned catalogue of licensable music tracks for YouTubers to pay for and use. It launched in beta in the US, with the promise of a proper launch in 2023. That next stage is now beginning.

“Creator Music is now available for all monetizing creators in the US,” announced YouTube yesterday. “We hope you all are excited to try out Creator Music as a way to use popular music in your long-form videos without missing out on revenue.”

For now, details on when and where the library will launch elsewhere in the world are under wraps.

There are two business models at work here. Creators can buy single-video licences for tracks, which means they keep 100% of the revenues from that video rather than seeing them claimed by rightsholders.

However, some tracks are also available under a revenue-share model: no upfront fee, but a split of the video revenues.

Written by: Stuart Dredge