In 2020 we wrote about a startup called Release Party that was hosting livestreams for musicians and helping them to sell tickets. Nearly three years on, the company has rebranded as Offstage, having pivoted away from livestreams towards analytics.

Like established platforms in that space, it pulls in artists’ data from multiple sources: streaming services and social media, but also ticketing sites like Eventbrite and merch platforms like Shopify.

The pitch is that all this is being given a conversational AI twist, with artists and their teams able to quiz the data with natural-language questions. They range from questions like ‘What is my most played song?’ and ‘How many tickets did I sell in the last month?’ to more granular queries like ‘Which of my LA fans hasn’t come to one of my shows before?’.

“Artists think in terms of ticket sales, stream counts – not database queries. We wanted to make it as simple as typing a question,” said co-founder Tom Macmichael.

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Stuart Dredge

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