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Snoop Dogg’s first act after acquiring Death Row Records last year was to whip its catalogue off streaming services. Now he’s putting it back on, but not before giving TikTok a head start.

“Starting this past Sunday, and continuing for the rest of the week, TikTok is the exclusive home of the Death Row catalog,” is how TikTok announced the deal. And this isn’t just about marketing either: this is “the first-ever catalog reissue to release exclusively through SoundOn” [TikTok’s in-house music distribution arm].

A greatest-hits playlist has also been launched on TikTok to help people navigate to the biggest tracks in the catalogue.

“For all the fans that are wondering Death Row Records catalog will be back on streaming services real soon,” said Snoop, with an air of mystery only slightly (alright, greatly) undercut by the fact that TikTok’s blog post refers to the catalogue’s “wider release next week”.

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