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As a public company, Snap announces the latest figures for its Snapchat app on a quarterly basis. For example, it ended 2022 with 375 million daily active users, up 17% year-on-year.

At Snap’s investor day yesterday, it announced a metric that isn’t part of its financials: monthly active users. Snapchat now has more than 750 million of those, including 150 million in North America.

The obvious comparisons are Instagram, which had more than two billion monthly active users in October 2022 according to parent company Meta, and TikTok, which reached the one billion MAUs milestone in September 2021 but hasn’t provided an official update since.

Another new figure yesterday: Snapchat now has 2.5 million people paying for its Snapchat+ subscription tier, up from the two million it reported in its last quarterly financial results.

More stats from the investor day: US users open Snapchat nearly 40 times a day on average; more than 5bn snaps are created every day; and two thirds of users are engaging with Snapchat’s augmented reality features daily.

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