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Epic Games acquired music platform Bandcamp just over a year ago, and at the time we wondered if there would be potential for some kind of integration with its Fortnite game. Now it has happened.

Bandcamp has begun a stint curating Fortnite’s ‘Radio Underground’ in-game radio station, with its takeover running until the end of the game’s current season on 8 March.

Artists featured include The Beths, Starflyer 59, Gladie, Pow Wow!, Ronnie Martin, P.E., De Lux, Pale Blue Eyes, Pool Kids, Jungle Rat USA and Ginger Root. “From rock and pop to disco and synthwave,” as Epic Games put it in its announcement.

How will those artists be paid for spins of their music in Fortnite?

That’s a good question: since a flurry of headlines in 2019 about collecting societies seeking royalties from massively-multiplayer online games like Fortnite, news on the licensing frameworks around these franchises has been thin on the ground.

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