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Ed Sheeran’s latest release isn’t an album: it’s his own hot sauce brand. It’s called ‘Tingly Ted’s‘ and comes in two variants: ‘Tingly’ and ‘Xtra Tingly’. It’s a partnership with food and beverage company Kraft Heinz, which knows its sauces.

“I wanted to make a sauce that took the same pride of place as ketchup,” said Sheeran. “I had a year of whittling down the perfect flavours with a great mixing team, and we settled on two absolute belters… I’m so excited to bring this product out, it’s genuinely something I use every day on all three meals.”

Hot sauce for breakfast? Sounds like a Bad Habit to us. But it’s just the latest example of an artist’s brand extension.

That said, Sheeran is far from the first to explore this particular product. Back in 2015 Village Voice even rounded up ‘the 17 hottest heavy metal hot sauces‘ for a taste test.

We’d be surprised if ‘Tingly Ted’s’ can match up to former Guns’n’Roses guitarist Bumblefoot’s ‘Abnormal’ (“What is this aftertaste? Armadillo scraped off Highway 71? What the f**k? How is this even food?” wrote Village Voice’s reviewer) but at £6 a pop we suspect he’ll sell plenty of bottles.

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