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British startup ClicknClear has always been about licensing music for use in performance sports like cheerleading, gymnastics and marching bands.

You know who does a lot of these activities? American high schools, that’s who! So a new deal between ClicknClear and US performance-sports body the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) is pretty big news for the startup.

The body has member-state associations across the US covering 19.5k high schools and 12 million students, according to ClicknClear.

Now the pair will be working together in both a carrot and stick way: the carrot being helping those high schools to correctly license music for their routines, and the stick being ClicknClear’s ‘License Verification System’ (LVS) to enforce it.

The startup’s catalogue has grown to include licensing rights from more than 800 labels and publishers.

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