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“You’re an artist, not a marketing expert,” is how startup Rivet pitches its fan-management platform to musicians. It’s a line that will go down well with artists who feel under increasing pressure to be on top of all aspects of the marketing around their music.

The company has built a service that blends fanclub aspects with email pushes and analytics, fuelled by a dash of AI (for example to suggest which campaigns would work best, when to send them and who to target them at),

It’s aimed at musicians, podcasters and other digital creators, with more than 1,400 already signed up. Now Rivet has closed $500k of pre-seed funding, led by investment firm Drive Capital, to continue building its platform.

“We’re making fan engagement more intuitive and automated by plugging into creators’ ecosystems and building personalised engagement game plans,” said co-founder Simran Pabla. “Our recommendation engine guides creators through the best steps they can take to strengthen their fan relationships and increase revenue.”

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