In 2017 we covered the expansion of AI mastering startup Landr into music distribution. However, that transition can work the other way too, with the latest example being DistroKid.

Yesterday it unveiled its new “intelligent mastering tool” Mixea, which it will be offering alongside its existing distribution and artist services. Mixea is free to try with a single track, but will then cost $99 a year for unlimited access.

DistroKid CEO Philip Kaplan was keen to talk down the likely impact on professional mastering engineers. “Nothing will ever replace the artistry and expertise of a real, human mastering engineer,” he said. “But for artists who are short on time or resources, Mixea is a powerful tool to help make their music sound great in a hurry.”

In 2021, when DistroKid was valued at $1.3bn in its latest funding round, the company claimed to account for more than a third of new tracks uploaded to streaming services, with more than two million artists on its books.

So, a wide funnel for Mixea, but how many of those artists will pay $99 for it remains to be seen.

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