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The heart icon has a long history as the way to like things on social media and streaming services, but now Spotify is retiring it. Well, consolidating it to be specific.

“Starting today, we’re consolidating the Heart icon and the “Add to playlist” icon into a single symbol: the Plus (+) button,” explained the company. “When you hit Plus (+), you’ll be able to save and choose the destination for any song, playlist, or podcast with a simple tap.”

It’s a small user interface tweak, but Spotify says it could be a significant one, with its research having showed that it makes saving songs and podcasts easier – and that “saving songs and podcasts makes users more likely to listen to them again”.

The new button is rolling out on Spotify’s mobile apps from this week, although for the sake of avoiding cross-platform confusion, you’d hope it will also take effect in Spotify’s desktop and web apps.

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