AI music startup Splash launches its lyric-spitting BeatBot


“We celebrate the sounds of the Music Ally bulletin / Trance Folk is the genre that we love so well / The sweet sound of the mandolin and the fiddle / Let’s gather round and dance in the middle…”

Does it have the ring of a hit? Take a listen here.

It’s the results when we asked BeatBot to create a trance-folk song about the Music Ally bulletin. What’s BeatBot? It’s the latest experiment from AI music startup Splash: essentially a short-form text-to-music generator.

You type a text prompt, and BeatBot uses Splash’s AI – best known from its popular Roblox music-making experience – to create vocals and music. Meanwhile, it uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 model to come up with the lyrics, which Splash’s own AI rappers deliver.

From boom-bap beats celebrating otters and K-Pop Brexit laments to synthwave-punk-rock paens to the evils of NFTs (and this is just us being silly this morning) it can turn its hand to anything.

A novelty? Definitely, but one that shows AI music’s potential as an engine for short-form memes, as well as giving the latest insight into how Splash’s AI is developing.

Written by: Stuart Dredge