YouTube’s 2023 priorities: creators, TV, Shorts, podcasts and AI


Having just assumed the helm at YouTube, Neal Mohan has been blogging about the video service’s priorities in 2023.

Slightly awkwardly, ‘music’ is only mentioned once – in a reference to adding podcasts to YouTube Music – but much of what Mohan had to say is relevant to musicians in other ways.

He promised more development on YouTube’s monetisation features for creators across subscriptions, shopping and paid digital goods, for example.

“More than six million viewers paid for channel memberships on YouTube in December 2022 – an increase of over 20% from the prior year,” noted Mohan, of a feature that many musicians have yet to explore.

TV (“our fastest growing screen last year) is also a priority, including adapting YouTube Shorts short videos for bigger-screen viewing. Shorts, of course, loom large too.

“This year, we’ll roll out a creation tool that lets creators record a Short in a side-by-side layout with both Shorts and YouTube videos so they can easily add their own take on a trend or join in with reactions,” wrote Mohan, while also flagging up some creative-AI ambitions.

“Creators will be able to expand their storytelling and raise their production value, from virtually swapping outfits to creating a fantastical film setting through AI’s generative capabilities…”

Written by: Stuart Dredge