Snoop Dogg-backed startup Shiller combines NFTs and livestreams


Snoop Dogg is backing the launch of a new app called Shiller, which blends livestreaming and NFTs. Due to launch in April, it’s an app for creators of all kinds to “token-gate their video and audio, share products from commerce sites, and promote popular NFTs”.

A tips economy is built in too, with fans able to give tips and virtual gifts, and there are tools to launch tokens and digital passes within Shiller’s marketplace, and promoted during livestreams.

Snoop is listed as a co-founder with CEO Sam Jones, who is also co-founder and CEO of OOOOO (yes, you read that right) which built the commerce technology that Shiller is using.

The startup is just the latest tech venture for Snoop Dogg, who down the years has explored: an iPhone app of his most famous quoteslending his voice to a GPS satnavvirtual bikinisa camera’n’stickers app called Snoopifylocation-based messaginga cannabis lifestyle website called Merry Janebecoming a video avatar in Zoombuilding a virtual mansion in The Sandboxselling $44.7m of NFT ‘stash boxes’; and building a cartoon-pooches YouTube nursery rhymes brand.

Written by: Stuart Dredge