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Another challenge for TikTok in its policy battles in the west is that they may overshadow its product announcements.

Yesterday’s news about the RESTRICT Act in the US may, for example, suck attention away from an intriguing new feature in TikTok called ‘Series’.

It’s a way for people to “post collections of premium content behind a paywall which viewers can purchase for access”, with each collection able to include up to 80 videos that are up to 20 minutes long each.

TikTok said the idea is “giving people a new, longer format to watch their favourite creators and content”. The creators can pick the price they want to charge for each series.

With many musicians already feeling burned out from servicing the full range of social-media platforms, it’s a stretch to expect them to start working on series with more than 26 hours of video content, to say the least. Maybe some intrepid German artists will get to work on ‘Heimat: The TikTok Musical’…

But for artists who are already exploring longer-form videos, there may be something useful here to investigate.

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