K-Pop stars Twice have launched their own Roblox experience


Twice are one of the K-Pop groups plotting a path to global stardom in the wake of BTS and Blackpink’s worldwide success. The latest part of Twice’s masterplan is a Roblox experience called Twice Square.

It’s a partnership between JYP Entertainment, Imperial, Republic Records and UMG, with the development work handled by metaverse agency Karta.

The experience has already gone live here, and will offer fans a blend of dancing, plushie collecting and games – including an escape room designed to be played with friends – with an in-world virtual merch store too.

While some Roblox activations have been an unobvious fit between artist and audience, this one seems logical.

“We knew that Twice fans were already very active on Roblox — including a fan-made Twice group with tens of thousands of members,” Imperial president Glenn Mendlinger told Billboard.

The message is that this isn’t a one-off launch to gather tumbleweed once the initial publicity falls off, but rather a persistent experience with new games, features and appearances by the Twice members over the coming months.

Written by: Stuart Dredge