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British CMO PPL has published a report outlining its sustainability strategy, as it aims to reach net zero status (in emissions terms) by 2050.

The report is based on an audit conducted of PPL’s carbon footprint last year, identifying where and how it can cut its emissions. The report has been published here, and should make interesting reading for other music companies and organisations mulling their climate impact.

“We now have a number of clear objectives to guide our journey to net zero. Beyond that, we want to play our part in ensuring that our industry is doing everything it can to safeguard our planet,” said chief membership and people officer Kate Reilly.

Why 2050 as the target date? That matches the UK government’s target to reach net zero emissions, and also the target set by the music industry’s Music Climate Pact, which was unveiled in December 2021.

Its pledge committed organisations to reach net zero “as soon as possible, and by 2050 at the latest” while setting a target of halving emissions by 2030.

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