RIAA boss slams TikTok and the ‘empty knock offs’ of AI music


US music industry body the RIAA announced its 2022 figures yesterday, quickly followed up by a guest post by CEO Mitch Glazier for Variety.

In it, he offered some stern words for TikTok, as well as a warning (but also a welcome) for generative AI technologies.

“TikTok’s actions in foreign markets to manipulate access to American music raise profound red flags about the service’s commitment to U.S. licensing policies – and fly in the face of its promises to consumers, 75% of whom say they come to the platform to engage with music,” wrote Glazier on the former topic.

He went on to welcome some of the uses for AI technologies “from innovating new studio tools to helping plan sustainable tour routes”. However, he also gave notice that the RIAA is watching for less positive impacts.

“We will always defend real culture and human artists from a digital tsunami of empty knock offs and chatbot impersonations that drain the value from genuine creative works by flooding the market with soulless “content” commodities trained via unlicensed copying…”

Written by: Stuart Dredge