Spin reveals first three startups for its music-tech incubator Spin Labs


Spin closed its print magazine in 2012 to go online-only, but in recent years has been stepping up its wider business as a media brand.

Its latest expansion is Spin Labs, an incubator for music-tech startups launched with digital agency KRMA.

It has already chosen the first three startups that it will be working with: superfan platform Remedy; blockchain marketing firm DropYacht; and radio-airplay analytics company SpinTel.

The incubator is launching officially at SXSW this month, and is seeking more startups to join its program.

For now, details of how the incubator works (for example, whether it provides funding and/or takes equity in the startups) have not been announced. Startups can fill in a form on the Spin Labs website to make contact and find out more though.

Written by: Stuart Dredge