Former Spotify chief economist criticises Canada’s Bill C-11


Last year, we reported on efforts in Canada to compel audio and video streaming services to feature a greater proportion of Canadian content.

This is Bill C-11 (or the ‘Online Streaming Act’) and as it continues its path through the legislative process, former Spotify chief economist Will Page has written a guest column for Canadian newspaper the Financial Post offering his criticisms of the bill.

“C-11 is a blunt instrument that threatens to derail the significant progress that technological innovation has brought to Canadian culture, including in my area of expertise – music streaming,” wrote Page.

He thinks that the bill in its current form might boost the biggest stars (Drake and Michael Bublé are cited) rather than the longer tail of Canadian musicians.

Page also suggested that the Canadian government could have more impact by compelling streaming services to invest in Canada’s music economy in other ways.

“Spotify, for example, invested in the Momentum Music Fund in England and Deezer supports Bureau Export, French’s music export office,” noted Page, who would also like to see the government “prioritizing Canada’s already impressive music export strategy over expanding domestic regulations”.

Written by: Stuart Dredge