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The heyday of artists releasing creative music apps was probably 2011, with Björk’s acclaimed ‘Biophilia’ iPad app. However, the spirit of that occasionally reemerges, as it has done this month with Swedish techno artist Cari Lekebusch.

He has teamed up with a startup called Chroma to release an app called EZPZ (yes, ‘easy peasy’) that helps people to create their own music using his sounds.

The app has been designed to be as accessible as possible to non-musicians, with the language around it including ‘sound brushes’ and ‘doodle with sound’.

“Imagine EZPZ as an album release chopped up into fragments you can play with,” adds the announcement. “It’s not a record, an MP3 or a digital stream, but an audio-visual experience that allows the listeners to also be creative,” is how Lekebusch put it.

Chroma is interesting too: the startup is backed by one of Twitter’s co-founders, Biz Stone (who sits on its board) as well as Pinterest’s co-founders Evan Sharpe and Ben Silbermann.

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