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We reported earlier this month on Universal Music Group’s partnership with Deezer to explore new economic models for streaming.

Now Deezer’s CEO Jeronimo Folgueira has been offering some hints at what those models may include, in an interview with Billboard.

“We believe that working together with the label and the artists to figure out ways of helping the artist directly access their fanbase and monetize that fandom would benefit us and them as well,” he said.

“If we find ways of monetizing better, let’s say, if we would allow fans to subscribe directly to artists, we would have an additional revenue source that we would share with labels and the artists, which will improve our growth and profitability profile.”

However, it’s clear that these are just hints, for now. “There is nothing that we are testing yet, and we don’t have a deadline. But we are starting to work on different models of compensation that we could eventually test,” is how Folgueira summarised the state of play.

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