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Today’s the day for TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew’s appearance at a US congressional hearing. Ahead of that, the Washington Post has published the results of a survey that is likely to provoke mixed emotions for his company.

The poll of 1,027 adults found that 41% support a TikTok ban, 25% oppose it, and 34% aren’t sure.

However, when that’s narrowed down to people who used TikTok in the last month, only 21% support a ban and 45% oppose it, while for daily users the percentages are 17% and 54% respectively.

But guess who’s missing from this poll? People who aren’t adults. It’s not a wild prediction to suggest that younger teenagers would be tilted even more against a ban.

The survey also suggests that Americans are less concerned about TikTok’s links to China than they are about other criticisms of the app.

73% of people polled said they think it’s likely that TikTok is allowing the spread of false information, while 72% think it’s likely that it’s causing harm to teens’ mental health.

Concerns about China ranked lower, although were still expressed by more than half of the adults surveyed.

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