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Like other video and social platforms, YouTube is *very* interested in shopping at the moment.

The company’s latest blog post includes the announcement that “more than 100,000 creators, artists and brands have connected their own stores to their YouTube channels” already.

The post spotlights four of them: influencers and fashion designers rather than musicians. Still, there are some useful tips to be gleaned, including how a couple of the featured creators are using YouTube Shorts to promote their products.

South Korean designer Colizet used Shorts to “show style inspiration” for her first product, a blazer, before publishing a traditional YouTube video to introduce it, then holding a livestream Q&A to answer fans’ questions.

Athletic apparel brand Blogilates, meanwhile, is using Shorts to give behind-the-scenes glimpses at how its clothing is created, along with reviews. It also uses Shorts challenges to get fans involved.

“This summer, we’re continuing to expand access to our shopping features, like product tagging on Shorts and video,” noted YouTube in the post.

A good time for artists to be testing how the short-video feature can work for their merch, perhaps.

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