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Spotify has published the 2022 edition of its ‘Equity & Impact’ report, summarising its efforts around climate action; diversity, equity and inclusion; mental health and responsible business.

It’s a useful roundup of the company’s various initiatives focused on employees, artists and listeners alike. The report also breaks down Spotify’s workforce and leadership team by gender and race/ethnicity.

53.9% of its employees are male, 45.7% female and 0.4% non-binary according to the new report. This compares to 55% male and 45% female in the previous year’s figures (non-binary was just listed as “<1%” in that: the new report breaks out this figure properly).

Meanwhile, Spotify’s leadership team – that’s everyone at director level and above – is now 57.9% male, 41.9% female and 0.2% non-binary. In 2021, it was 58% male and 42% female.

The race/ethnicity breakdown is US-only, with Spotify’s workforce there being 55.2% white; 22.1% Asian; 9% Black/African American; 9.5% Latinx; 4% two or more races; and 0.2% Native American.

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