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Spotify has added a new metric to its Spotify for Artists dashboard: ‘Active Audience’. It’s the company’s new methodology for breaking out its analytics on people who have actively streamed an artist’s music in the last 28 days.

The word ‘active’ is important here: this is people who “intentionally” played music by an artist. That means they played it from the artist’s profile, album or release pages, or from their own library or playlists, rather than passively encountering it through Spotify’s lean-back features.

Spotify isn’t just quantifying these active listeners, though. It is segmenting them into three categories: super, moderate and light.

Super listeners are the most dedicated listeners from the last 28 days; moderate listeners are the ones who’ve streamed an artist’s music “many times” (but not quite as many as the super listeners); and light listeners are the people who streamed an artist’s music one or two times in the last 28 days.

There are shades here of what Amazon Music did in 2020 when it launched an analytics dashboard that quantified ‘fans’ and ‘superfans’ based on their engagement.

Spotify’s take is a welcome addition for that service.

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