When music/tech startup Chompi Club wanted to raise money for its first product, it turned to the obvious place: Kickstarter, setting a relatively modest $30k goal. But now with 49 days to go in its campaign, it has already attracted more than $675k of pledges on the crowdfunding platform.

What’s the product? It’s called Chompi and is described as a quirky, Tape Music instrument inviting you into the magical world of sound design”. It looks like part keyboard, part synth and part Fisher-Price toy, promising a “one of a kind sampling engine, unique multi-effects and tape style looper” for experienced and new musicians alike.

The instrument is designed to be upgradeable and programmable, with the startup hoping to build an ecosystem of developers around it to expand the device’s capabilities. Due to ship in November 2023, the basic device costs $499.

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