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We’re being plunged into a phase of rapid experimentation with natural-language generative-AI tool ChatGPT, as developers mesh it with just about every digital service or tool you can imagine. Music included.

Automata Radio is the latest example of that. It’s a Twitch channel streaming electronic music round the clock, with ChatGPT essentially playing the role of channel mod-slash-host-slash-DJ, providing information on what’s playing, and fielding questions from viewers in the chat box.

The team behind it are cultivating an air of mystery, describing Automata Radio as “the result of a collaboration between several industry leaders in music and technology, including Twitch, OpenAI, and leading music industry professionals, plus artists who refer to themselves as the ‘technicians’”.

A couple of those technicians are quoted anonymously in the press release.

A burst of online detective work by Music Ally reveals only that Automata Radio’s website domain was registered in Reykjavik, that its Twitter account follows a lot of Ninja Tune-affiliated artists, and that the label’s co-founder Jonathan More has followed it back.

Not that we’re suggesting anything by this: he’s likely just as curious about it as we are…

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