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The British government has published its latest effort to get to grips with the impact and potential of artificial intelligence technologies.

Its title, ‘A Pro-Innovation Approach to AI Regulation’, may have sent a chill down the spine of music industry people, given the recent battle over plans (since shelved) to create a copyright exception to enable AI developers to train their models on content without needing a licence.

However, there will be relief when reading the actual report, which covers all uses of AI, and the regulations that may be required for it, but swerves that particular hot potato.

“The proposed regulatory framework does not seek to address all of the wider societal and global challenges that may relate to the development or use of AI,” it explains.

“This includes issues relating to access to data, compute capability, and sustainability, as well as the balancing of the rights of content producers and AI developers.” (our emphasis).

Apparently these are “outside of the scope of our proposals for a new overarching framework for AI regulation”. Which does beg the question of whose scope those questions will be in. Perhaps a job for individual regulators within the UK.

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