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Need to book a DJ? There’s a new app for that: Djaayz. It soft-launched in France in late 2022, and this week has expanded to the UK.

The app is aimed at venues and clubs, as well as restaurants, hotels, bars and other businesses that might need some steel-wheeling help, with a roster of more than 3,500 DJs available to book.

There’s an inevitable ‘Uber for DJs’ pitch line, and the promise of a selection panel ensuring “the quality and professionalism of every DJ”.

(No dressing-room-trashing 24-hour caners who’ll forget to bring their records, or just cue up ‘Today’s Top Hits’ on Spotify then!)

Djaayz’s co-founders are Cathy Guetta, whose past work includes the ‘F*** Me I’m Famous’ brand launched with former husband David Guetta, and Raphaël Aflalo, CEO of music and brands agency My Love Affair (co-founded with Cathy and David).

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