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Much has been written about the difficulties and costs facing British artist who want to tour Europe in the wake of the UK’s ‘Brexit’ from the European Union. But German band Trigger Cut have now highlighted the challenges for European artists touring the UK too.

The band were turned away at the border last week, forcing the cancellation of their seven-date UK tour.

“We had all the papers we needed but the Border Police wanted them have a so-called certificate of sponsorship from all 7 clubs. This certificate or number was unknown even to the organizers. Nobody knew about it!,” wrote guitarist Ralph Schaarschmidt on Facebook.

“Months of planning, 1750 Km of driving to Calais and back to Stuttgart, Van Hire Costs, paid for expensive customs declearations, ferry ticket… all for nothing.”

The Guardian has more details on the requirements for European artists touring the UK. This is partly an education issue: promoters and venues in the UK understanding the requirements and ensuring touring artists are covered.

However, the British government isn’t doing itself many favours: agent Ian Smith told the Guardian that its guidance is ‘unclear and printed only in English, rather than any EU languages’.

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