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Startup beatBread has made its name with technology to automate artist advances, with a number of distributors among its clients.

However, the company has been exploring other ways to help musicians raise capital: for example its launch last October of a network of companies, executives and high net worth individuals interested in investing in artists.

Now the company is taking another step with the launch of a spin-off platform called sliceNote. It’s aimed at a similar class of “qualified investors” who want to get involved in fractional investments in artists and independent labels.

That means investing as little as $1k or as much as $1m in ‘deals’, taking a slice (hence the name) as low as 1% as part of wider consortiums. beatBread’s pitch is that this is a way to invest in emerging artists as an alternative to established catalogues.

“We designed a platform based on substance, not sizzle. sliceNote is not fan funding or crypto hype machine,” promised general manager Izaic Blazzard. “It is designed for serious, rigorous investors.”

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