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TikTok’s heavy focus on user-generated video content means that those users are increasingly generating more advanced content as they become more skilful at creating it. They are now turning to external apps to make slicker, or more complex videos, using advanced editing features.

Capcut is one of those apps, and you’ll certainly have seen many videos made using it. The app is also owned by ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company and the transition between the two apps is now fairly seamless.

Advanced video editing is a boon for creators of course, and it’s very brand-friendly, allowing the simple creation of slick and professional videos.

It’ll be interesting to see what the effects of a possible drift to fancier video content might mean for the platform. Part of TikTok’s charm is the fact that rough-and-ready videos can blow up; their DIY feel conveys the sense of authenticity and realness that is the platform’s current hallmark – and one of the key differentiators between, for instance, Instagram’s more stereotypically slick content.

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