Music Declares Emergency

The climate campaigning organisation Music Declares Emergency has launched a new initiative, Fan Club for Climate, “a community of music-lovers who care about the planet.” The fan club is a weekly newsletter containing “inspiring messages from musicians” and tips on making climate-positive decisions, but it’s also a network-building exercise. The aim is for members “to create their own spaces and communities in real life” across the UK, and in online spaces internationally. Initially, those community actions are chiefly to grow the community: a group of local Fan Club for Climate Change volunteers in Glasgow were present this week at the OVO Hydro arena to encourage gig goers to sign-up to the initiative. The longer-term plan for this community is to produce a call to action for governments and business leaders, and to take local action and promote systemic change across the UK. It’s the latest in a line of initiatives by MDE, including a research project collaboration with Festival Republic, and an artist-focussed “climate pack”.

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