It’s crucial for artists to have a strong online presence – however, with so many platforms available, it can be challenging to know which ones are impactful and where to focus your marketing efforts. This is the problem Immensity hopes to solve. Immensity is a tool that takes all the data from online platforms – as well as custom datasets – and analyses them to help artists’ teams see which platforms are driving the growth of specific metrics, such as engagement and streaming. This insight should then help marketers optimise their campaigns.


Immensity’s analytics system delivers insight on social activities across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam, SoundCloud, Twitter, and more – as well as email and ad campaigns. The platform uses correlative analysis, causal analysis and predictive analysis to show results that tell teams which platforms are impacting growth, and which are predicted to be doing so in the future.

In its standard plan, Immensity allows users to examine publicly-available social and streaming data. The artists’ teams need to simply enter their artist’s Spotify Artist URL and the system pulls in data from over 15 platforms. Then, Immensity tells the teams which online activities helped grow their artists’ online presence.

Immensity analyses fan, follower, and subscriber numbers across major social and streaming platforms, determining which platforms and actions affect audience data. This involves identifying correlations between platform metrics (views, likes, comments, shares) together with streaming metrics (monthly listeners, playlist reach, chart events), and key digital growth metrics such as audience, fan engagement, consumption, and sales growth.

This approach identifies significant relationships within artists’ digital landscape and highlights the most promising marketing opportunities available. Using a proprietary weighting and aggregation system, Immensity distils this data into “Impact Levels”,  which provide guidance on which channels and activities/campaigns have the most significant impact, and “Insights”, which explain how to use this information effectively. It is worth connecting an artist’s data early to be able to measure platform statistics immediately, although the platform can work on retrospective campaigns as well.

The analysis it supplies is divided between the platforms and metrics to focus on, and the type of content best for posting or promoting in order to engage current audiences and reach new fans. Here’s an example:

‘If TikTok Videos increase – potential impact on digital engagement = MEDIUM-HIGH. TikTok Videos value = 64.38%. That is above average for artists in your Monthly Listeners category. Look at TikTok Videos on or around 03/15 to help determine what content is most effective at driving overall engagement growth’.

Immensity could also be useful for analysing catalogue songs, as the platform can measure which campaigns and digital events are making an impact on stream count – not only across the entire catalogue but also for specific songs.

The platform’s enterprise plan allows users to upload custom paid campaign data to discover which campaigns had the biggest impact on online growth and consumption. Data from email campaigns, Meta ads, YouTube ads, Google ads, TikTok ads, and Twitter ads can all be uploaded. The platform then uses statistical and predictive models designed specifically for these datasets to attribute impact around important metrics.

There is also an option to upload ticket and merchandise sales data – and then users can cross reference the impact of specific ads on those sales. Users need to upload daily metrics for their campaigns to get a list of ads that made the biggest impact on revenue, and receive mathematically-backed guidance on where they should continue investing time and budget.


Immensity’s standard plan is priced at $100 per month. This provides users with a detailed analysis of their last 28 days of activity, updated daily after integrating their social and streaming activity. With this plan, users can determine which platforms and activities are driving growth, and monitor their audience, engagement, and streaming growth. The standard plan can be cancelled at any time, and offers a week-long free trial.

For those who need more advanced analysis, Immensity offers a custom-priced enterprise plan. This plan includes everything in the standard plan, along with custom data analysis, such as data from campaigns, consumption, sales, and more. With this plan, users can discover which paid activities generate the most ROI.

Other platforms

Other platforms such as Chartmetric, CrowdTangle, and Soundcharts also offer tools and features to help artists and industry professionals optimise their marketing efforts and track their online presence. 

Chartmetric is a music data analytics platform that provides users with insights into their online presence across various music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. It also offers data on charts, playlists, social media, and audience analysis, allowing users to track their artists’ performance and that of other artists as well. Chartmetric offers extensive data in terms of social media and streaming analytics; Immensity, on the other hand, measures the impact that various data sets have on artists’ digital growth. 

CrowdTangle is a social media analytics platform that helps users track and analyse their social media presence across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It offers data on engagement, followers, and post performance, and allows users to monitor and compare their performance to that of their competitors. While CrowdTangle is useful for social media analysis, it does not provide data on streaming or sales performance.

Soundcharts is a music data analytics platform that provides insights across various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. It offers data on charts, playlists, airplay, and social media, and allows users to track their artists’ performance and that of other artists, too. Soundcharts can also monitor radio airplay.

The takeaway

What differentiates Immensity’s offering is its use of machine learning and data science to make its analyses, and the prediction-based insight derived from this data. If your campaign needs some deeper insight on which content and platforms have the biggest impact on growth or sales, along with actionable points, it might be a platform worth investigating further.

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