When Grimes declared she’d be happy for her voice to be deepfaked in tracks as long as she shared 50% of the royalties, it was clear there might need to be a few more rules around this. Now she’s been outlining what some of those are.

“Ok hate this part but we may do copyright takedowns ONLY for rly rly toxic lyrics w grimes voice: imo you’d rly have to push it for me to wanna take smthn down but I guess plz don’t be *the worst*.  as in, try not to exit the current Overton window of lyrical content w regards to sex/violence.  Like no baby murder songs plz,” she tweeted.

“Rly don’t like to do a rule but don’t wanna be responsible for a Nazi anthem unless it’s somehow in jest a la producers I guess.”

Grimes is essentially tweeting out loud the thought process that any artist must work through if they want to work with this kind of technology. That’s why what she’s doing is useful.

We also note with interest the prospect of a Twitter-brokered chat with Imogen Heap, one of the most knowledgable artists on this technology. Something interesting is coming together…

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