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Fresh from becoming the majority stakeholder in their own vinyl-pressing plant, Metallica have been letting loose a variety of interesting digital marketing campaigns in recent weeks.

My 72 Seasons, for example, riffs off the title of their latest studio album, encouraging fans to log in to Spotify to generate a playlist of tracks from the first 18 years (hence 72 formative seasons) of their life. Here’s what it came up with for us this morning.

Second, Metallica are courting younger fans on Roblox, but not with their own game. Instead, the band took over five popular existing games: Apeirophobia, Survive the Killer, Deepwoken 2, Frontlines, and Piggy. Music and merch giveaways ran across them, with news site Metaverse Marcom saying the campaign generated 21m visits in three days.

Finally, Metallica have released American Sign Language (ASL) videos for every track on the ’72 Seasons’ album, working with the Deaf Professional Arts Network (DPAN) and well-known music ASL interpreter Amber Galloway. This is just part of the well-coordinated activity on Metallica’s YouTube channel, sitting alongside separate lyric videos in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese.

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