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Woah! We’re going to Ibiza for this news story. Woah! Back to the island – and its annual IMS conference with accompanying report on the global electronic music market.

This year’s report is the work of Midia Research, and its headline figure is $11.3bn. That’s the global dance music industry value last year, up 34% on 2021.

This is aggregating revenues generated by recorded music; festivals and clubs; DJs and artists’ earnings; publishing; and hardware and software.

The report notes that the $11.3bn is 16% higher than the sector’s value before the Covid-19 pandemic. “The dance music industry has shaken off the effects of the pandemic, coming out the other side, bigger, better, stronger and more relevant than ever,” being the conclusion.

The report includes plenty of other data: from electronic music’s growth in social and streaming followers to the way dance music fans over-index for every music activity.

There’s also the claim that only 20% of dance music creators earn a living from it but, worryingly, that within the top 100 DJs men are seeing their bookings grow at a faster rate than women.

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