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Decentralised streaming service Audius has added a toggle switch to artists’ settings page that enables them to opt in to allowing interactions with AI-generated tracks uploaded by other artists and fans.

By toggling the switch on, artists permit users to upload AI-generated tracks which were trained on their music. Those tracks will then appear in a new ‘Generated with AI’ area on the original artist’s Audius profile.

Roneil Rumburg, Audius’ co-founder and CEO, is clearly aware of the delicacies surrounding this topic. He stressed that the company “in no way supports AI tracks that are trained on Audius artists’ music and uploaded without their permission.”

Instead, its new feature is designed to enable willing artists to find out what fans can create, while ensuring that “the metadata can be tracked and their rights can be protected.”

Offering such an opt-in (and, indeed, an opt-out) may be a spur for other, larger streaming services as they mull how to deal with AI-generated deepfake tracks.

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