Trebel Music has been building an audience for its ad-supported ‘offline music’ app in the US, Mexico, Colombia and Indonesia.

It has more than 12 million monthly listeners, up from 3.2 million at the end of 2020. Now it’s also experimenting with one of the buzz technologies of 2023: ChatGPT.

It’s powering a new feature in the app called Trebel AI, which enables listeners to request personalised music playlists with natural-language queries. ‘Can you recommend 90s hip-hop and rock songs to listen to while I run?’ being the example cited in the announcement.

The company reckons that this will be a better signal for Trebel’s recommendation algorithms to work with than just listeners’ past history.

The launch comes just over a year after Trebel raised funding from investors including Colombian star Maluma, valuing the company at $200m. Latin America is one of its key growth markets, with plans to launch in more countries there as well as South East Asia.

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