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Grammy-award winning artist – and early web3 adopter – RAC has launched his latest web3 project, the Cult Pass: “a dynamic, blockchain enabled membership pass based on long-term fan engagement.”

RAC describes it as “a dynamic membership that visually changes and morphs based on what is in your wallet.” What that means is that fans who own RAC’s music NFTs will now own a unique image of an organic “orb”-like object, which is generated based on the RAC songs they own – and, in the future, their other web3-powered interactions like livestream attendances, concert ticket purchases, and so on.

The results, we think, are rather beautiful, and are generated, inevitably, with the help of an AI (in this case, Stable Diffusion), as well as prompts from digital artist Andres Reisinger, and audio triggers by RAC. As fans continue to interact with RAC, the orb will change and grow and, as such, become a collectible in itself: one that represent the owner, and that will also unlock access to exclusive experiences, merch and music.

It’s an innovative idea – a unique visual NFT that represents all your interactions with an artist – and is another interesting approach from an artist who is pushing hard to find uses of web3 and NFTs that fans really want.

The project is in collaboration with Hifi Labs – we spoke to both Hifi Labs and RAC on our Focus podcast last year.

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