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There was good news for AI music startup Boomy this weekend: it has reestablished its distribution pipeline to Spotify.

This, after its access was cut off last week after the streaming service found evidence of streaming manipulation for some tracks that had been created and released through Boomy.

“We are pleased to share that curated delivery to Spotify of new releases by Boomy artists has been re-enabled,” announced the company on its Discord. The company also promised that “we will continue to work with industry partners to address issues of fraud or artificial streaming”.

More than 14.5m songs have been created using Boomy since its launch, with the company claiming that this is “around 13.92% of the world’s recorded music”.

As we explained last week, musical AI platforms capable of this scale may attract fraudsters seeing them as a potential new way to siphon off streaming revenues. As yet, no details have been published about which tracks or artists triggered the recent controversy.

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