Roblox Rhythm City

It’s quarterly financials time for games platform Roblox, and its latest figures are very good.

In the first quarter of 2023, Roblox averaged 66.1 million daily active users, and those people spent 14.5bn hours on its service.

That’s nearly two and a half hours a day each – which will admittedly come as no surprise to parents of the average western tweenager. Importantly for Roblox, that audience is growing: the 66.1m DAUs were up 22% year-on-year.

Meanwhile, those users spent $773.8m on Roblox in Q1 – up 23% according to its ‘bookings’ metric. That’s $11.70 per daily active user on average, which was flat year-on-year.

While we may joke about tweens loving Roblox, the company recently said that it’s 17-24 year-olds who are its fastest growing age group, and that 55% of its users are now over 13 years old.

Metallica, Theoz and Twice are among the most recent music artists to have launched Roblox activations, while Warner Music Group debuted its Rhythm City experience in January.

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