Last September we wrote about a startup called Muze with its app serving up personalised music playlists for people’s workouts.

Now the company is pivoting to something more general: playlists for a range of moods and activities, powered by ChatGPT.

“Describe your mood or activity. Receive a unique playlist with shockingly relevant songs. Play in Spotify or share with a friend. Learn why it chose each song,” is how Muze described its new version in a post on the Product Hunt website.

The company also said that this is just the first step in a bigger ambition. “We’re launching this free web app as a step towards launching a revolutionary new AI-powered music streaming service,” claimed its founders. “The mobile version will be released this summer.”

Muze is not the only company exploring whether ChatGPT can play a role in music recommendations. Trebel Music recently announced a similar feature, while Spotify is using tech from ChatGPT-maker OpenAI in its AI DJ mode.

Muze CEO Ryan Wenger gave Music Ally a flavour of some of the sample queries that the company’s new app can field. ‘Music to help me finish this project’; ‘Angry Nas songs for strength training’; and ‘Songs sampled by Wu Tang’ for example.

He also cited one highly-specific request made by an early user of the app: “I met this girl online, and her name is Bethany. She doesn’t live near me but she isn’t far away. I am really starting to like her. Create a rock playlist around this…”

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Stuart Dredge

Music Ally's Head of Insight