Roblox Rhythm City

Kids have loved Roblox for years, but as those children grow older, the games platform is increasingly keen to stress that it’s not JUST for the youngest youngsters.

“More than 55% of our users are now over 13 years old and our fastest-growing demographic segment is 17-24-year-old users, with 35% DAU YOY growth in Q1 2023,” wrote CEO David Baszucki in his latest blog post. “17-24 users now represent 22% of our community.”

The rest of the post was devoted to reiterating previous commitments to make sure Roblox remains a safe place for its youngest players, while adding guidelines to help developers create experiences for the older demographics.

This is all relevant for music companies deciding which artists might be suitable for Roblox activations.

Baszucki also suggested that Roblox is thinking of new kinds of experiences to suit these older players: “In the future, Roblox could include different types of experiences, like virtual dating, indie movie screenings and new forms of content such as news and hot topics…”

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Stuart Dredge

Music Ally's Head of Insight